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At last Anna and the kids came back! The cousins latched onto each other immediately.

Cielo, Ilan, Eero

We went to a pub called the Hillhead Book Club (Hillhead is the neighborhood). Their sign out front was intriguing - the place was good but not that good.

hb sign

They did have a ping pong table at least - in this picture Eero and Ilan and playing and Cielo is refereeing in semaphore..

ping pong

After lunch, we went off to see Glasgow cathedral, taking the subway most of the way and then walking. Along the way we went past this interesting wall:

animal wall

We also found this innovation for protecting your personal parking space. The metal tube can be positioned up or flat, but you lock it with a key once it's in position..

parking lock

Also on our way to the cathedral, we came across this building. Note the gods with the ships in their bellies..


Finally we were there:

glasgow cathedral

It has some spectacular stained glass; below is the Millenium Window. As you might guess, it was created for the turn of the millenium; it was unveiled in 1999.

stained glass in glasgow cathedral

This is The Creation:

Glasgow cathedral

And part of the story of Boaz leaving some sheaves in the field for Ruth:

stained glass

After the cathedral, we headed back towards home. On the way we stopped for some custom milkshakes at the same shopping center where we had earlier bought some underwear for the kids.

hanging out with milkshakes

We did a lot of walking around town.

hanging out without milkshakes

Glasgow has some great public spaces:


Another one of the Werblows' favorite restaurants in Glasgow was Hanoi Bicycle Shop, a nice Vietnamese place just down the hill.

Hanoi Bicycle Shop

We tried to let the kids do some of the navigating. This is a picture of Eero figuring out how to go on the Glasgow subway one day while Cielo checks the paper map.

Eero navigating

Scots: very polite.

Polite sign

Another fun event was going to High Tea. Each person is accounted for on the trays, so this table holds four adult servings and three for kids. A serving means "one of everything". The kids' servings tended even more towards the sweet, but everyone was more than satisfied.

Tea for seven

The kids' end of the table, with Shoshana.

tea details

After a shower, some good old Nintendo DS time!

DS time

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