Now it was time to tally the scores and proclaim a winner. Who would it be? The champions of cheese? The heroes of mushrooms? The tofu team? Or the mango manipulators?

Ian filling out his scorecard

Some final tasting by Marc and Ian while Alison ponders the entries

Alison filling out her scorecard

Even honorary Iron Chef Genius was anxious to hear the name of the winning team:

Genius the rat

Unfortunately, the host's math skills are not what they used to be.

Vernon tries to do math

Initially Team Chin was declared as the winners - however, in an unprecedented recount, it turned out that Team Sakai had taken the day with their cheese creations!

The scores:
Sakai (cheese) 16.6
Chin (mushroom) 16.3
Kobe (mango) 16.2
Nakamura (tofu) 13.5

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