Team Kobe was Alison and Marc. Their ingredient bag contained mangoes in several different forms. Lori once again had the first comment, exclaiming that she was certainly glad she didn't get this bag!

Alison watching as Marc sticks his head in the bag

The variety of mango forms left open many possibilities!

Alison and Marc examine the mangoes

Despite not having the instructions for the ice cream maker, Team Kobe decided to try to use it anyway (egged on by the host). This aroused some consternation in the spectators:

Jerry and Lori peering into the kitchen

The fresh mangoes were quite ripe:

Alison scooping out a mango

The two dishes ended up being mango 'soup' (the ice cream never got cold) with coconut and fortune cookie, and mango salsa served with sourdough wedges and lime garnish. In a true Iron Chef moment, Team Kobe had to give up on the mango wontons intended for use with the 'soup', seizing on fortune cookies to save the day. Everyone loved their efforts, a nice spicy/sweet contrast to end the competition:

Alison serving the mango salsa

Lori eating while Jerry mugs for the camera

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