Team Nakamura was Lori and Ian. Their ingredient bag contained several kinds of tofu:

Lori and Ian peering into their bag

Lori was heard to exclaim "oh no!" as she opened the bag. Ian kept quiet at the time, but it turned out later that he is not a tofu eater at all! Quite a challenge lay ahead.

They moved quickly to the ingredients table to look for inspiration. Later we found out that the bag of rice, which Lori looked for, somehow stayed hidden from her during the search:

Lori and Ian looking at the ingredients table

While Lori looked at tofu, Ian examined the Jing Jing cookbook for ideas:

Ian reading a cookbook while Lori empties the bag

Finally they settled on a plan and began its execution. Coconut milk and tofu soup, and spicy tofu stir fry on noodles.

Lori dishing out the food

The comment I heard most was "I'm surprised how good this tofu is!"

Stir fry and tofu soup

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