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This page is a collection of family movies on the site. Click on a link to be taken to the video. You can also see old Lee family movies here.


Cielo throws a toy
Cielo claps and crawls!


Cielo does her happy dance
Cielo has a tea party.


Cielo playing with Eero in his playpen
Cielo sings while Eero dances on the coffee table
Cielo shows Eero how to do ballet
Cielo playing paper violin while Eero and Richard dance
Eero dances with Alison.

2007 Eero talks about the three little pigs
Cielo sings a song.
Playing in the Sprinkler.
Cielo, Alison and Eero do a science experiment with colors.

Eero does Tae Kwon Do
Eero, Cielo and Amalin manning the door for trick or treaters (flash only)
Eero and Cielo working on drawings (flash only)

2009 Cielo's violin recital
Eero and Cielo dancing on the outdoor stage at the Bar H Ranch
Cielo's song while driving to Sedona.
2010 The kids going through a maze
Eero explains his owl book (flash only)
Cielo and Eero's paper laptops (flash only)
Chaos at Cielo's birthday party
Cielo playing a walking piano
Cielo plays piano at Castro
Cielo swims at a swim meet
Cielo's performance at circus camp
Vernon and Cielo playing with Kestrel at Xep and Rob's house
Eero conquers the rings at Hyatt Lake
Skipping rocks, fishing and lightning at Howard Prairie Lake in Oregon
Panda-monium at a Giants game
A spider spins a web outside our house
Eero has learned to ride a bicycle
Time-lapse movie of the family playing Rumis
Dogs in Alaska
Time-lapse movie of Christmas tree decorating
Cielo playing chimes at a park.
2011 Kids at ice skating class
Some of the animal show at Cielo's birthday
The Big Green Egg smoking
Don't Stop Believin' at a San Francisco Giants game
Cielo playing Wii Fit
Decorating our hallway
Time lapse movie of playing on the Wii
Eero playing Little League (flash only)
Cielo riding Robin the horse at horse camp
The whole family cooking for a party
Hula hoops on Treasure Island
Eero playing ukelele
Kids tumbling in the front yard
Our neighbors' Halloween space tunnel
Eero chasing the ball in rugby
More rugby

Eero playing Ode to Joy on the ukulele
Cielo playing Up on the Housetop on clarinet
An experiment with crazy straws
Eero's ukulele recital
Cielo's recorder concert
The Firefall ride at Great America
The Celebration Swings at Great America
Merry-go-round in Fort Worth


January remodel slideshow
Eero playing rugby
Eero playing with a sword
Alison snowboarding
Cielo fencing
Kids riding scooters
Mango playing under a bed sheet
Kerensa, Tyler, Cielo and Aidan playing the theme from Star Wars
Eero's new new skateboard
Another remodel movie
More Cielo fencing!
Human sized hamster balls
Outside view of the remodel
Living room view
Office view!
A movie written by Eero
Another little kid production
More fun with hamster balls
Fun at Manresa beach
Vernon gets doused by a wave
Kids perform What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor
Kids playing football
Cielo's hideously loose tooth
Mango opening his Christmas present
Eero riding a bike downhill in Fairbanks
The kids playing with seals in the Seward Alaska Sealife Center.
Time lapse on the Kenai River
Normal speed on the Kenai River

2014 Eero ice skating
Cielo ice skating
Eero and Cielo ice skating
Eero playing Portal
Eero trying out for Little League
Cool kinetic water sculpture in Healdsburg
Cielo school concert
Coconuts at Doune Castle
Rabbit of Caerbannong re-enactment
2015 Cielo and Tracy playing music
Light tunnel at the National Gallery
Cielo playing tennis
Eero's birthday party
Eero playing cello
Cielo playing with Storm
Eero playing cello
Cielo doing a magic trick
Cielo playing clarinet
Eero playing cello
Eero cello recital
Eero jumping on a giant pillow
Cielo's wind ensemble at Disneyland
Cielo and friends after the Indiana Jones ride
Cielo and her friends' Lego guy movie
Playing in the waves at Moss Beach
A bear
Cielo trotting a horse
Cielo skippering a boat on Lake Shoreline
Eero racing a boat on Lake Shoreline
Cielo jumping a horse
Playing on the beach at Manresa
Cielo riding a horse (three movies)
Eero playing cello
Cielo playing clarinet




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