Back of the house

Facing west you can see our lovely storage shed.  We only got one with this house.
Facing west. Notice the shed! Before any changes

On day six, they're replaced the old master electrical panel, and somebody opened the shed doors.
You can see the new main electrical panel at the corner Day six
And a close-up of the panel

This mess of wires is what sticks up off the roof above the main electrical panel:
The wires at the top of pipe above the main panel - wacky

Here's a view facing east.  That little bit sticking out is the master bathroom (an addition done by the previous owners).
The plain wood plank is where there was termite damage and the wood had to be replaced.
that piece of raw wood under the eaves is where some termite repair was done

A view out over our back fence.  I swear this looked different before, but I'm not sure how.

Day twelve

Primer in various strategic locations

  Day Thirty-nine

And here we go!
  Day Forty