The Kitchen
Before any changes - curtains on flat window, old dishwasher Before any changes

The refrigerator has been removed and we opened all the cabinets to clean them out.
refrigerator gone, cabinets cleaned out (at least they're open)

Alison cleaned out all the drawers etc.

These placemats were lining the drawers and cabinets:
Day one

The old kitchen window is gone, and the wallpaper is starting to be removed.
Day 2 - window gone, wallpaper partially removed Day two

The wallpaper is removed now, except for a couple of reluctant bits.
Day 3 - wallpaper completely removed (almost) Day three

The disposal under the sink got put in!  We're now actually adding stuff instead of just ripping it out.
Disposal under the sink Day ten

They've now removed the cabinets that were above the fridge-hole, so our new taller
(it's not that tall, really) fridge can fit.

Day thirteen

Wow, this hasn't changd ANY since Day 13.
Day fourteen

Now the walls are plastered, and our new door is waiting to be installed, along with some various
other windows.  That's the fancy Australian toilet there in the box on the right.
Day sixteen

That piece of wood that looks rotted was eaten away by Boring Beetles.
Day eighteen

Here's another one.

Alison shows off our new dishwasher, finally delivered and installed!

"I bid $400, Bob!"

The garden window is in!  It's really very big.  You can see where the header was totally rebuilt, too.
Day twenty

The hole where the refrigerator will go, hopefully before we move, is now ready to be painted.

The refrigerator slowly makes its way into its slot.
Day Twenty-three

Our boxes full of stuff fill the kitchen.  That's a door leaning there waiting to be put back
where it belongs.
Day Twenty-five

This is our first meal prepared in the new house.  Peanut butter and jelly!
Day Thirty-one