Master bathroom

A highly decorated master bathroom.  We found stickers on the walls in here, in the hall bathroom, in the
kitchen, and in two of the three - no wait, all three - bedrooms.
Diamond pattern gold and white wallpaper, flowers on tile, pictures on wall, drapes, shelf, etc. Before any changes

The low-flush toilet from the hall bathroom has migrated in here to take the place of the old one.  It
looks like the low-flush toilet has flung the old one bodily out of the way.  It's just like Battle Bots!

toilet in bathtub, another one on the move, curtains removed Day one

The old toilet has left the field in disgrace.  The low-flush toilet smiles contentedly.
low-flush toilet moved from hall bathroom to here, shelf over tub gone Day three

Master bathroom is resurfaced and ready for paint.
Day Twenty

Master bathroom being painted.
Day Twenty-three