Master bedroom

The closet doors you see go to the same closet - they just wanted two ways to get into it, I guess.

plain door, sliding mirror doors Before any changes

Wallpaper removed Day three

You can see through the master bedroom wall into the hall bathroom!  AIE!

The master bedroom filled in as a workshop for the hall bathroom subfloor construction:
Day ten

The hole to the hall bath is starting to close up!  Get out, Indy!
Day thirteen

The walls are all plastered up.
Day fourteen

The carpet is gone!
Day sixteen

Drop cloth is down to save the wood floor during the resurfacing and painting.
Day Twenty

Alison and Zoe show off the newly painted master bedroom!
Day Twenty-three

After painting, we filled this room with boxes and furniture.  Note the nice ceiling fan light
Day Twenty-five

We unpacked and few boxes and shuffled everything around.  You can see Mango has
now been retrieved from the kennel - his food dish is out.
Day Twenty-six