This room was originally an outdoor patio on the side (east side) of the house.  It was enclosed (with a permit!) by the previous owners
and used as a TV room.  That carpet is sitting on top of concrete - they didn't put a real floor in.  Through the glass in the back you can see the fireplace,
and our real estate agent, Paige.
Totally enclosed "tv room", with green and orange carpet, curtains, many many plant hooks and nails, exterior sliding door

Here's a view of the patio from where Paige was standing in the first picture.  I don't know why one quarter of the patio has linoleum down.
looking into the patio 'room' from the living room
Before any changes

The patio enclosure is gone, now.  Really great light!
view from inside - roof is gone, carpet is gone, exterior sliding door is gone, curtains removed Day one

Now the glass has been removed (we are replacing it).  A trash can stands guard.
the patio viewed from the outside Day six

Alison shows off our City of Mountain View-approved construction permit.  Notice there's a little
section of glass still left.
Alison shows off the permit! Note the small remaining section of glass in the corner

Vernon looks at the pile of broken glass shards.  Apparently the last bit of window was hard to get out.
now the glass has been removed - with a hammer Day eight

Now the glass is all installed, including the sliding glass door.
Day sixteen

Another view, where you can see right into the living room area.

This is the incredibly bright blue primer on what was bare stucco, getting ready
for the real blue.
  Day Thirty-nine

Notice the new concrete step they put in by the sliding glass door, too.

And here's the final blue showing up!