Second bedroom

We took down the drapes on the first weekend we owned the place.  That green stuff on Vernon's shirt
is just from leaning against the walls. Some of you may recognize that shirt as coming from Niwot, CO.
Vernon takes down the drapes
Day one

That small dark patch is the color we're going to use for most of the interior.  The big patch is where there used to be a dresser or something.
Day twelve

A lot of debris has moved in to the second bedroom.
Day thirteen

With the carpet gone this is starting to look good.
Day sixteen

Everything's ready for painting in here.
Day twenty

Second bedroom after painting, before paint has dried.
Day Twenty-three

We moved all of our stuff in.  This is the bedroom we'll be living in until we finish the master
bedroom changes.
Day Twenty-five

Now we're living here.  Mango likes all the windows - lots of good bird and squirrel watching,
and the occasional Other Cat.
Day Twenty-six