Third bedroom

This room in some ways was the weirdest.  It had wood paneling on three walls and striped wallpaper (not pictured) on the fourth.  There
are also the Drapes of Mystery, which for some reason cover the entire outside wall.  You can see the inside of one of the famous
red and white metal awnings through the window.
wood paneling, tiny window, metal awning visible outside.  Notice the Drapes of Mystery Before any changes.

Wood paneling removed.  One of the first of many In-n-Out drink cups to enter our home is on the floor behind Alison.
wood paneling removed, metal awning gone outside - green carpet remains Day one

You can see the nice hardwood floor peeking out, and the closet for this bedroom, filled with junk at the moment.  Alison lurks in the hallway.
you can see the hardwood floor peeking out from under the green-on-green carpet Day seven

That's the hard-won phone jack on the wall over there.  It took three Pac Bell appointments to get it installed.
Day thirteen

The walls are plastered up now and ready to be painted.
Day fourteen

The hardwood floor is exposed, pretty cool looking already.
Day sixteen

Walls resurfaced and ready for painting.
Day twenty

We move in.  First thing we did was set up a computer so we could meet the DSL guy
the next day.
Day Twenty-five

We decided we liked the computer over in this corner better.
Day Twenty-nine

Better than one computer?  Three computers (two monitors).
Day Thirty-one