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Mango finds the perfect place for a nap

Mango stands up on his pedestal to look at a bug

Mango and Cielo draped over Alison

Mango likes the bassinet more than Cielo does

While moving furniture, we found Mango's stash of puff balls (2/2002)

Some pictures of Shoshanna and Mango:   1  2  3

Mango helps Alison pack the bathroom cabinets (7/2001)

Mango uses his heat vision (1/2001)

Mango can fly! (1/2001)

Mango really likes his new feather toy (12/2000)

Mango keeps an eye on a squirrel (9/2000)

Mango close up in his bed

Mango in a Bloomingdale's bag

Mango really likes to play in boxes

And he is quite a tall cat