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Raving Paranoia!

Photo from 1991 (or was it 1990?) DFF

Making the dry bar

Alison at Fisherman's Wharf

Ian standing at Fisherman's Wharf with Alcatraz in the background

Chareth, Mark Rock Evan, Joanne, Scavenger, hugh, Smarasderagd at Jing Jing

Scratch and his SO visited SF and had dinner with hugh, sesame, Scav, and Joanne (7/01)

GIANT Z (7/01)

Bon Voyage cookies for Parisgreen & Jerry

The menu from the Iron Chef dinner

The x-ray of my foot before surgery (posted 8/30/99)

My foot not long after surgery.

Cartoon Diary Excerpts:

Group photo at Jing Jing, Fall '97: Kamio, Scavenger, Kallen, Velocibraaptor, Parisgreen, Dietz, codrus

Big pile of DSM shirt envelopes

Constructing Tokens Shadow Box

Photo Booth at the Santa Cruz boardwalk

Lister, Lister and Cat

Weak Masq Photos 1996-1999

DinoMUSH shirts art and quote guide

Kid clothes inventory from 2012

Ken's high school movie project