Cielo's Birthday!

Cielo turned two today! We got up early in Hangzhou and were off to the train station. Cielo enjoyed riding on the train, especially the snacks.

Out the window of the train we saw many farms. Some were tiny plots in the ground next to the train tracks, and some were large collections of greenhouses. Most of the greenhouses were covered in plastic, but some were covered in turf.

After we got back from Hangzhou, we had a small birthday party for Cielo with Leslie and Jana, the two young women who have babysat for Cielo here in Shanghai.

Not only did she get to blow out candles, which she has been itching to do since a rash of other two-year-olds' parties in January, Cielo also got a nice Pooh bag, some socks, a monkey, a toy cell phone, and a bag of assorted play dishes and pans (which she calls a "party" - for "tea party").