More around town

Nana, Cielo, Granddad, and Vernon on the Bund. The first picture shows Jin Mao tower in the background (hazily). The second picture shows the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which is just to the left of Jin Mao as you look across the river.

We went across the ferry to Pudong with the grandparents...

And saw more evidence of how the Huangpu is really a working river.

Cielo talked us into going back to the bird and insect market. Here she is pointing out an orange bird for Nana.

Outside the market we saw the Shanghai area's second-scraggliest cat. The most scraggly is the mummified cat from Su Zhou.

We ate lunch with Nana and Granddad at a little dumpling restaurant near Yu Yuan. Cielo likes dumplings, but not as much as she likes the camera.

On this visit, they had almost completely drained the little pond outside Yu Yuan. When we were there, they were in the process of bagging up the fish and removing refuse.