Return to Su Zhou

We hired a car to go back to Su Zhou for a day. Our first experience with Su Zhou was OK, but was marred by bad weather and difficulty getting around - both around town (since every sidewalk and street in currently under construction) and back to Shanghai (we thought we could buy a return train ticket on short notice).

Unfortunately, our driver didn't know Su Zhou well at all, and even if he had, all the roads were ripped up and regular routes didn't work. After driving around somewhat hopelessly, we finally made it back to a street we knew and went to the Su Zhou Silk Museum again. Here are Vernon and Cielo recovering from the car trip.

The traffic lights in Su Zhou continue to impress. As well as having the bicycle lights reported on before, many signals have separate timers for cars, bicycles, and pedestrians, for both green lights and red.

This time, instead of the Master of Nets Garden, we went to the Humble Administrator's Garden. Su Zhou is apparently full of gardens devoted to famous IT workers of the past.

Here are Alison and Cielo next to some gorgeous flowers.

And Vernon and Cielo peering at one of the several large bowls of different fish in the Humble Administrator's Garden.

There were also cages containing several different kinds of birds there.

And Cielo herself was an attraction, as usual.

Cielo really enjoys travelling with her grandparents. Here she is baby-sprinting towards Nana.