Fort Worth

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On to Fort Worth! We stayed at Nana and Granddad's house for four nights. For Eero and Cielo it's a place of wonder and delight. They even like this playground that's a short walk away.

Of course one of the best things to do is drive the little electric jeep, both in the back yard and in the front. They have been driving the jeep since they were little.

We were luckily in Fort Worth for Granddad's birthday! Eero and Cielo each drew him a card in the car on the way up from Pecos. Eero's is hard to see in this photo (and the words are kind of out of order), but it reads "Awesome Picture by Eero". See if you can guess which birthday this was for Granddad - it's cleverly encoded in Cielo's card.

Time for a little red velvet birthday cake! That orange cup in front of Eero is one that Vernon drank out of as a kid.

Paul was really great during our trip. Cielo and Eero would hang on him all the time and he was always game. Here's Cielo hanging on him at Riscky's Barbecue.

We all went to Riscky for Granddad's birthday dinner. From the left, here are Eero, Vernon (Jr.), Granddad (Vernon Sr.), Liz, Alison, Cielo, Paul, Ken (Sr.), Nana, and Ken Jr.

It just so happened that Ringling Brothers had just come to town, and they brought some of their elephants and clowns downtown to announce the show. Here is Cielo sitting on Ken while Eero sits on Vernon, both peering over the crowd.

Eero and Cielo both needed haircuts, and Granddad's regular barber Dallas was happy to help. She let both kids squirt her liberally with a spray mister as a reward for being good.

At Ken, Liz, Ken Jr. and Paul's house we got to see Paul's bearded lizard eat some crickets and worms. The kids thought that was extremely interesting.

Alison crocheted in the car when she wasn't driving, and after a while of watching her, the kids wanted to do it, too. So in Fort Worth, Alison got them each their own crochet hook and some yarn. After we left town, Cielo kept crocheting hugely long "snakes" while riding in the back seat.

One of the other fun things at Nana and Granddad's house is the giant swing in the back yard. Both kids would sit and swing in that until whoever was pushing them collapsed in a heap.

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