Driving to Sedona

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After Canyon de Chelly we decided to go to Sedona. Originally we thought we'd stay in Flagstaff, but after looking at some of the hotel descriptions for Sedona, Alison found one that sounded nice. Here's Vernon with a train in the background - Alison took this picture because of the smoke rising up at the horizon. We never did find out where it was coming from.

Obviously, there was a lot of driving in this trip. For the most part, both kids did great, although somehow they always knew when it was the last driving hour of the day and started to go a little nuts.

Cielo drew a picture of her window. We had these sun shade things (plastic pull downs with holes in them) to help with the hot desert sun, and she hung a little dog toy and a gyroscope (taken from Nana and Granddad's house) from the base of hers screen, then drew this picture.

There was a nice rest stop in Arizona that had red rocks you could climb. Here are Alison, Eero and Cielo being explorers.

On the final descent into Sedona, Eero had had enough sitting in the car and started crying, yelling, etc. Somehow the kids always can tell when we're almost there, and take that as a cue to start freaking out. Anyway, Cielo started making up a song to calm him down. We only got a little of it on video, though.

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