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Sedona was great. We really didn't know what to expect - we had just decided at the last minute to come - and it was a great surprise.

The most fun was going to Slide Rock State Park. This is part of Oak Creek Canyon where the creek has carved out an area full of shallow and deep, fast-moving and quiet places to swim, and the water is crystal clear (and, the day we were there, ice cold).

After getting used to the temperature (as much as possible) we all had fun. In this picture Alison is watching Cielo and Eero climbing out of a little niche in the rock, and a shallow shelf with a much deeper pool beyond it in the background.

The most fun was repeatedly jumping in to the water. Here's Eero making the leap from that shelf out to a deeper part where Vernon is standing.

There were even deeper sections where you could dive without worrying about hitting the bottom. Alison went first. Behind Vernon you can see upstream, and get an idea of how many people were there - this is just one of several sections open to the public.

Eero decided repeatedly filling his hat up with ice water and dumping it over his head would be fun - and it was! Also very funny to watch.

The place is called Slide Rock because there's a seventy foot long section where the water has smoothed the rocks, and a kind of moss has grown over the rock, making it very slippery (there are sections like this where you're not supposed to or ready to slide where the footing is very tricky). Alison and Cielo both went down the slide - here is Cielo just before and just after she passed Alison, who had the camera.

Vernon waited to help Cielo stand up at the end of the slide - while he was waiting several other kids were happy to have a hand up, too. Eero got to slide (of course he wouldn't rest once Cielo had done it) down in the lower section you see in the background of this picture.

We stayed at the Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona - it had a couple of nice pools, too, full of "noodles."

Cielo discovered you could blow in one end of a noodle and water would spray out of the other end.

Eero and Alison often went in the hotel hot tubs together. Here's Eero, then Vernon behind him, and Cielo still blowing into a noodle way in the back.

Vernon and Alison had their ninth anniversary while in Sedona, and Cielo drew these two cards for them.

One of the great delights of Sedona for us was going to the Elote Cafe, an ambitious Mexican restaurant that you'd never think to stop at if you just drove by. But the food and drinks were spectacular. We had, among other things, duck flautas, lamb barbacoa tacos, a flight of tequila and a mezcal martini, as well as the signature elote - roasted corn with lime aioli.

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