Living/Dining Room

This is how the dining area part of the living/dining "L" looked when we first saw it.  Note the pink carpet and especially that pink thing
on the wall next to the kitchen door - it's a container/dispenser for a can of aerosol air freshener.
Before any changes - Red carpet, original ceiling fan, air freshener on wall

This is the living room part.  That shelf is hung on nails driven directly into the brick mortar.
See how the metal awnings outside kill the light.  The drapes don't help either.  Also enjoy the industrial-style electrical outlet on the far wall

Looking back from the living room area to the dining area, through the enclosed patio.  That doorway in the corner is open - it looks like
there used to be a door there, but where it went we do not know.  That door in the background (in the wall) leads to the smallest of
the three bedrooms.
looking back kinda through the patio towards the dining area Before any changes

The first day and they've already removed the metal awnings, and ripped out the patio.
Day 1 - metal awnings off front windows, patio (through plate glass on right) roof is gone Day one

Now the original windows are gone, too, waiting for our new ones to get delivered.
Day 2 - windows removed now Day two

Still waiting for the windows.  A trash can and a ladder.
a trash can has appeared Day four

Another view of the trash can.  Notice all the glass that used to enclose the patio is gone, too (it was untempered
single-pane glass).
nice plywood!

This used to be a little closet.  We'll be turning it into a lovely dry bar.  Hard to picture right now, eh?
this is the future site of our lovely dry bar - formerly a closet

This is our new ceiling fan.  This was the first non-demolition thing the contractors did.  Unfortunately, they
have to take it down to paint, so I'm not sure it counts.

The dining area on day seven.  Notice another trash can has joined the party.  The ceilling fan waits,
still not realizing it's going to be taken down.
things are getting messier  - now there are TWO trash cans Day seven

That shelf that was over the fireplace is removed.  Still no windows.
The wooden shelf above the fireplace has been removed now.

The former closet and future dry bar has been cleaned out now.  You can see it, but they installed a light in there.
Day twelve

Here we have views of the living room and dining room (left and right). Soon they will look better.
Day thirteen

You can see a lot of patching has been done to the plaster now.  There were a lot of nails in the walls!
Day fourteen

A view back at the living room.  You can see one of the new front windows has been installed!

Now the new electrical panel is in and the wall is all patched up.

Cool!  Now the patio glass is all in, and the hardwood floors guy has taken out the carpet.  You can see a big nasty
hole in the wood floor where previously the carpeting guys had nailed in several thousand nails to try to tack the
carpet down.  He'll be replacing that patch and a couple of other ones.
Day sixteen

You can see the sliding glass door has been put in in the patio!

Now both of the new front windows are in.  Also, a better look at the stucco structure for the
fireplace (now that there's light in here!)

Sanding down the wood floors to get ready to stain.
Day eighteen

Our floor guy stained three spots on the floor with three different stains for us to pick from.

The floors have now been resurfaced, stained, and coated.  Woo!
Day nineteen

And the resurfacing of the walls as begun!

You can see they are resurfacing the walls now to get ready to paint.
Day 20

The electrical panel had to get stripped down for the resurfacing/painting.

The chimney is all sheetrocked over, except for twelve inches around, which will be tile.

Living and dining room painted!
Day Twenty-five

The ladder from another angle.

Drop cloths are gone, ladder is standing by discreetly.  We unpacked our new chairs/sofa and
old dining room chairs, too!  From this angle you'd think somebody was just changing a light
Day Twenty-six

Alison tries out the new sofa.

This is actually a kitchen-related picture, but since we were using the dining area to put
the contact paper in the kitchen drawers, the photo goes here.  This took forever.
Day Twenty-nine

Everything's pretty well moved in, and we're even unpacking books.  Notice that the chairs and sofa
swapped places.  Mango likes the new ottoman.
Day Thirty-one

We put up some sheer curtains on the front and patio windows!  Finally some privacy.
Plus that afternoon sun was getting hot.
Day Thirty-six