West side of the house

In the back, we have red gravel.  In the front, white gravel.  Those river rocks are kinda nice, though.  If you look carefully,
you can see that some of the plants here are plastic.
Before any changes - Sidewalk and red gravel, red fence, metal awning on window Before any changes

A better view of the plastic plants.
Before any changes - pink (looks yellow) wall, red gate, plastic flowers Before any changes

This plank shows off the two blue colors we are choosing from for the exterior.  We chose the
one on the right, after taking sunglasses off.
here's the plank we tested colors on.  Blue, or blue? Day six

This is where the kitchen window used to be.  Come on in, raccoons!
the gaping hole where the old kitchen window used to be.  Come on in, raccoons! Day eight

Now the kitchen window has been boarded up, at least.
Day thirteen.

Getting ready to put in the garden window.
Day eighteen

Now we're getting ready to paint, see the bright blue primer.
  Day Thirty-nine

  Day Forty