Hall bathroom

Shower door with rainbow sticker, soap holder thing, three medicine cabinets (two on left, one on right), cabinet sink
Before any changes

Another view

Cabinet and toilet removed, shower doors gone, the three medicine cabinets are all gone, too.  We also took down the window curtains.  See the toilet in its new home in the master bathroom.
cabinet sink gone, medicine cabints removed, shower door removed, curtains gone, toilet moved to master bathroom Day two

Alison inspects the new hardware for the bathtub.  The new bathtub faucet is already installed!
Alison shows off the new fixtures for the tub Day seven

Now things are getting serious in here - the floor and subfloor are gone.  That's the Earth you see below.
Whoops!  The lino floor is gone.  We'll be installed tile soon Day eight

Now they're rebuilding the subfloor (it had water damage and needed to be replaced).  They were using the master bedroom to cut these planks the right size.
Day ten

The subfloor is all done now.


And the new medicine cabinet body is in!  But no door yet.

The fixtures are starting to pop out of the wall, and the hole is starting to close up. There's also a drink cup in the toothbrush holder.
Day thirteen

This is after the first pass of bathtub refinishing.  They apparently spray ceramic onto it somehow.
Day fourteen

You can see the tiles that are going to go in the hole where the old shower control used to be.
Day twenty

We lived here a week before we had a bathroom we could take a shower in.  This is still
a couple of nights before we finally got this bathroom finished.
Day Twenty-nine

Woo!  Compare this to the original picture of this bathroom.
Day Thirty-one